DCA wins Innovation Award at CES 2018

Published on: 5th January 2018

LifeFuels new smart nutrition bottle launches at CES 2018 and becomes a CES Innovation Award Honoree for the second time. 

Designed by DCA for LifeFuels, this revolutionary smart nutrition bottle helps users understand how much water they should be drinking throughout the day and allows the user to prepare nutritional drinks on the go.

Launched on 8th January at CES 2018,the world's largest technology show, LifeFuels has been awarded the CES Innovation Award Honoree 2018 for Sports, Fitness and Biotech. 

The bottle is made up of three parts: the bottle itself, the FuelPods and the LifeFuels app. The user selects three FuelPods, inserts them into the bottom of the bottle. Using either the app or the button on the bottle, the user can dispense precise servings according to their taste and nutritional goals.