DCA wins a Red Dot Best of the Best Concept Award and a Red Dot Concept Award

Published on: 23rd September 2016

We are delighted to announce DCA designers Dan Salisbury and Richard Price have won two of this year’s prestigious Red Dot Awards for ‘Optic’ and ‘Nest’ placing us in 3rd place in the Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Studios.

The Red Dot award is recognised worldwide as a professional award for design concepts and prototypes. Now the ultimate reference for design achievement and capability each year highlighting the top 15 countries, design studios and design institutions of different regions. This competition has become the industry benchmark of the Red Dot Design Ranking published by the Red Dot Institute.


Optic gives cyclists the visual information to make safer decisions on the road by integrating front and rear cameras with 360-degree proximity and collision detection. The visor doubles as a heads-up display where Optic live-streams the rear camera and highlights potential risks. This allows the user to focus on the road ahead with full awareness of their surroundings. The visor display can also show navigation and journey statistic interfaces, putting information directly in front of the cyclists without them having to take their eyes off the road. 


Like a bird looking after its young, the Nest airport bed allows you to rest in the comfort that your belongings are safe and secure beneath you. Air travel isn’t always a breeze. It is not uncommon for passengers to be stranded in airports, either anticipating news of their flight or waiting for a connection. It is a tiring process and often compounded by jet lag. It all begs the question - why is it so difficult to sleep in an airport? Part of the problem is the belongings you carry with you; your passport, travel money, and expensive electronics to name but a few. Can you comfortably sleep in an unfamiliar place when your possessions are so vulnerable, particularly if you’re travelling alone?