DCA wins three iF Design Awards 2019

Published on: 12th February 2019

DCA is proud to announce that three of our recent designs have won the prestigious iF Design Award 2019.

Linn Selekt DSM is a network music player set out to “revolutionise your interaction with digital music”. DCA collaborated with Linn to create a robust piece of technology with a jewel-like feel to it. Designed for longevity, it has a modular and upgradeable format, allowing it to be upgraded at any time in the future without compromising sound quality.

The Sensodyne Daily Care Toothbrush has been designed and engineered in partnership with GSK and aimed specifically at the needs and demands of the Indian market. This product has been hugely successful in the marketplace, helping millions of people manage their tooth sensitivity with a quality Sensodyne toothbrush at an affordable price.

Our third award-winning design is an in-house concept called Supernova. This is a 360 concrete guitar amplifier that balances solid acoustics and simple usability. It brings the guitar amp from the stage and into the home.

A down-firing woofer and up-firing tweeter combine with the concrete body to deliver a full range of non-directional sound. This is something conventional guitar amps can’t achieve and makes Supernova ideal for jamming along to your favourite tracks regardless of where it’s placed in the room.