DVN 26th Automotive lighting workshop

Published on: 23rd February 2023


Dominic Hargreaves, one of our Transport Sector Managers, attended the 26th DVN (Driving Vision News) Automotive Lighting Workshop in Paris, on January 31- February 1, 2023, to support Mohamed Abd El Ghani, from DCA’s client Bentley, give a keynote lecture on Artistic Lighting Orchestration.  As well as providing video and image content for Mohamed’s presentation, the lecture also featured extensive content from DCA’s work with him and the Bentley team on the interactions between AI controlled interior comfort systems and the vehicle occupants.
The key theme of the conference was software-defined automotive lighting, with other lectures focused on the new possibilities for optics, electronics, materials and design. 
The event brought together more than 300 worldwide participants involved in automotive lighting, including senior managers and technical experts, to share ideas on how new technologies will contribute to increasing safety and better user experiences.
In his lecture, Mohamed delivered insights into 'developing lighting that pushes beyond function, making emotional connections that aim to enhance users’ well-being’.