Chubb fx

Intuitive design central to the new Chubb FX range

Published on: 14th December 2012

Chubb has launched a new generation of fire extinguishers - the Chubb FX range. DCA helped Chubb to realise the new range by developing a series of intuitive features focussed on the needs of the users.

The new handle and lever have been carefully designed and refined using ergonomic insights to ensure optimum grip and comfort in use. The traditional release pin that prevents discharge has been replaced with a new easy pull moulded clip. This clip incorporates best practice ergonomic and usability principles, so that all potential users can quickly and intuitively prepare and discharge the extinguisher in high stress emergency situations. The clip is retained by a highly visible sacrificial status indicator that clearly relays the readiness and service status of the extinguisher.

These and other innovative user centred features combine to complement the high technical performance and quality delivered by the new Chubb FX extinguishers.