Reckitt launches innovative aerosol for pest control

Published on: 9th June 2021

Reckitt have launched their innovative Dupla Proteção aerosol insecticide in Brazil under the SBP brand. DCA are delighted to have been involved from the earliest stages of the design and development process of this unique 2 in 1 pest control product.

The aerosol incorporates a rotating cap that allows you to rapidly select the best option for targeting different types of insects. One option provides a wide spray of mist for the broad coverage needed for flying insects, while another provides a narrow, focussed jet to quickly eliminate crawling insects.

DCA and Reckitt’s Global Design and R&D teams worked with manufacturing partners Aptar to bring this truly disruptive aerosol innovation to market. A pragmatic approach to early prototyping meant the design and development time could be shortened by integrating rapidly tooled parts with an existing actuator developed by Aptar. This enabled fully functional and believable prototypes to be quickly evaluated by Brazilian consumers without the time and cost associated with more complex technical development.

The design of DuplaProteção builds on the strong 3D brand language we have created with the Reckitt Global Design Team, that visually unites this range over its different formats.