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State of the art injection device for emerging markets is a finalist in MDEA 2013

Published on: 5th July 2013

Sanofi's new AllStar™  pen injector is a finalist in the Medical Design Excellence Awards 2013. AllStar™ is the first Indian manufactured, reusable insulin pen produced by a global company in India. The injection device is targeted at patients in emerging markets and is the product of a rigorous, evidence-based development process undertaken by Sanofi and DCA.

'We were very excited by this development project throughout the process, from its technical challenges, global project interaction and the potential to create a leading product with emerging markets as its first target' says Rob Woolston, DCA's Managing Director.

Sanofi shows its continued commitment to patients' needs in emerging markets and improves access to innovative, affordable devices. A recent press release from Sanofi states: "The launch of AllStar™ is a significant milestone emblematic of Sanofi's leadership in addressing the needs of people with diabetes in India. It highlights Sanofi's commitment to diabetes and emerging markets and its regionalized approach to finding solutions that are adapted to local market needs. Going forward, Sanofi intends to make AllStar™ accessible to other emerging markets.

Sanofi India's manufacturing its own re-usable insulin device is the result of three years exemplary team work with the sole purpose of offering a device that would match the needs of people with diabetes in India and other emerging markets.

AllStar™ is a state-of-the-art device that is easy for patients to use and also supports physicians in early initiation of insulin therapy for better glycemic control and enhanced therapeutic outcomes."

(AllStar™ is a registered brand of Sanofi Aventis).