TouStar® recognised with a 2021 GOOD DESIGN award

Published on: 17th January 2022

This year, DCA and Sanofi have won two prestigious Good Design awards for new devices based on the successful AllStar® reusable insulin pen injector platform.

In addition to an award for AllStar® Connect, an innovative Bluetooth ‘connected’ pen, the 2021 Good Design committee have also recognised TouStar®, the first reusable pen injector intended for delivery of concentrated insulin.

Designed with a dedicated replaceable cartridge system, TouStar® can only be used with Toujeo® basal insulin cartridges. These contain a concentrated ‘U300’ formula with 50% more insulin than a regular cartridge, making them more convenient, longer lasting and better for the environment. To prevent users from accidentally attaching incompatible insulin cartridges to TouStar®, the new dedicated cartridge system has been developed to simplify cartridge exchange and prevent potentially life-threatening insulin mix-ups from occurring.

Rob Veasey, DCA’s project leader for TouStar®, said “To enable delivery of Sanofi’s Toujeo® concentrated insulin in a reusable pen injector we had to overcome a range of technical, usability and safety challenges. The development team can be very proud of what has been achieved with TouStar®, which was launched in India last year.”

For more information see the GOOD DESIGN award winners webpage.