Huel Nutrition Shaker




Powdered Nutrition Maker




  • Industrial design
  • Design for manufacture
  • Usability
  • Visual brand language
Huel’s first-generation mixer was an off-the-shelf protein shaker, which many fitness brands used. This led to the market, and potential new customers, wrongly assuming Huel was aimed solely at individuals who wish to recover from exercise.

Huel wanted their new shaker to have an instantly recognisable silhouette that was as iconic as their branding. This resulted in the design of an easy pour, off-centre spout with lanyard, which enables the shaker to be used on the go.

DCA worked with Huel to create a Shaker that could be used by those who wish to eat nutritionally complete food on-the-go.

Since Huel’s existing branding was already visually provocative with their bold Helvetica logo, it was evident that the new design should make the logo the focal point.

To encourage re-use and longevity we focused on adding value through the materials used. The white bottle base is made from Tritan, a copolymer which is both food safe and durable, meaning it can endure impact and will not stain when put into a dishwasher.

The end result, a bottle you would want to keep that is aligned with the Huel sustainable ethos.