PiccoJectTM Autoinjector platform


Haselmeier GmbH


Autoinjector platform




  • Colour, material and finish
  • Exterior styling
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Production support
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Usability and HF
PiccoJectTM features press-on-skin activation and is compatible with either 1ml or 2.25ml pre-filled syringes.

In addition to the features expected of this type of device such as low triggering force, a fully shielded needle and audible ‘clicks’ indicating the start and end of injection, PiccoJectTM has a number of features intended to further improve usability.

The large window that surrounds the syringe makes inspection of the medication and monitoring injection progress straightforward from a wide range of viewing angles.

The novel ‘status indicator’ changes colour when the injection is complete, providing clear ‘binary’ feedback and confidence that the dose has been delivered successfully.

The compact size and soft external form are designed to make the device less threatening to patients that find the process of self-injection intimidating. The short length and wider cross-section make the device secure and comfortable to hold when delivering a dose, especially for those with impaired dexterity.

PiccoJectTM achieves all this whilst being uncomplicated to manufacture: where traditional autoinjectors often have more than twelve components in addition to the syringe, PiccoJectTM contains just eight. This simplicity increases its versatility as a ‘platform’ that can be easily modified for different syringe types, drug viscosities and fill volumes.

An innovative, user focussed, compact and fully featured autoinjector platform.