Sensodyne Nourish Toothbrush




Sensodyne Sustainable Initiative




  • Colour, Material and Finish
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Industrial Design
  • Production Support
  • Usability and HF
  • Visual Brand Language
The Sensodyne Nourish toothbrush is a bio-plastic, sustainable initiative that has been designed primarily for a younger target audience. The toothbrush has been created for effective cleaning of sensitive teeth and to reduce environmental impact.

A key requirement for the aesthetic design of the toothbrush was to balance the simple, controlled, lozenge forms of the Sensodyne brand with the new 'S-Curve' equity.

No petroleum has been used in the manufacturing of the single material handle. The lightweight design ensures that less material is used compared to conventional toothbrushes and a large proportion of the energy required in the production of the product is generated directly from solar cells. The filaments are made from recycled PET bottles and the bristle configuration comes in two options to give consumers choice.