Modular public seating system




  • Colour, Material and Finish
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrialisation Support
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Usability and HF
  • Virtual Reality
VISTA is completely modular in its construction, yet the huge variety of available options all combine seamlessly to create beautifully flowing installations with endless possibilities.

It can be configured with; spacious private areas for solo business travellers, relaxing areas for couples as well as spaces for families and larger groups to gather, socialise and play. Furthermore, it can be configured in linear runs, curves and intersecting nodes.

The variety that exists within the system allows the furniture not only to meet the needs of different user types but to define the flow and the feel of the overall space in which it exists.

VISTA is a versatile furniture system which has been designed around the needs of passengers and airports.

Whilst VISTA has been designed primarily for airports – and associated exacting standards around robustness and safety – it is also hugely relevant to many secondary markets, including; art galleries, hotels, restaurants and public spaces... to name a few.

Every aspect of this product has been carefully considered, with; thoughtfully integrated power outputs throughout, discrete but functional full-perimeter protection, tactile forms and a huge range of finish options.

The platform nature of VISTA has been designed to allow the system to respond to the needs of Zoeftig’s customers both now and in the future.

Versatile. Robust. Refined.

We believe that VISTA will set a new standard in airport seating.