DCA and GSK win top honour at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2019

Published on: 14th June 2019

DCA and GSK have taken both GOLD and the GRAND PRIX at this year’s DBA Design Effectiveness Awards for the Sensodyne Daily Care Toothbrush.

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are not about design, they’re about the difference design makes. The Bronze, Silver, Gold awards, as well as the ultimate Grand Prix, recognise the compelling influence of design on the success of a project or business. Crucially, the awards are evidence-based, the impact of design measured and verified. Entered jointly by client and designer, and rigorously judged by business leaders in three rounds of judging, the Awards represent independent and authoritative recognition of the value of your work.

The challenge for the Sensodyne brand team at GSK was to create a toothbrush that would retail at an affordable price of no more than 30 rupees (about 30 pence) for the Indian oral care market, without compromising on quality.

The result was a toothbrush that is 37% faster to produce than a standard toothbrush, uses 45% less material and is significantly lighter to transport, delivering crucial cost savings. In creating a quality toothbrush which can retail at an affordable price DCA and GSK have overcome price as a barrier to the emerging rural Indian market and exceeded delivery forecasts four times over in the first six months alone.



Nick Mival, director at DCA commented ‘We are absolutely delighted to win these outstanding awards for our work with GSK. We design products to improve people’s lives. These awards recognise how great design enables products to be both low cost and high quality. It shows how great design can help enable access for new users by understanding and breaking down barriers of cost, or distribution. And it shows how great design can create products that reduce material and energy usage without reducing the user experience, safety or effectiveness.’

Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive of the Design Business Association stated about the Awards, “Uniquely, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are entered jointly by both client and agency and determined on the evidence and data of the impact design has had in those businesses. Three rigorous rounds of judging culminate on the final Grand Prix winner being selected by CEOs of FTSE 100 companies.

Clive Grinyer, Chairman of the Judges for the first time this year, also commented, “These are great days for design, great human talent from around the world centred in the UK to create design impact in commerce, government, the services we use and the products we buy.”

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards ceremony, hosted by BBC presenter Alice Bhandhukravi, took part on the evening of Wednesday 12th June at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.