DCA deliver presentation on Inclusive Design in Transport for Jaguar Land Rover

Published on: 13th June 2019

Lisa Baker delivered a presentation at Jaguar Land Rover’s DESIGN 4ALL Conference on 29th May 2019.

The presentation discussed the importance of designing for the widest range of human capabilities at a sensory, cognitive, and physical level. Examples from transport were used to explain the history of inclusive design, and highlight how it is influenced not just by size and shape, but also by gender, age, ethnicity, education levels, disposable income, spoken languages, culture & customs, and diets.

The business case for inclusive design was emphasised. Highlighting that beyond regulatory compliance, it can also lead to a larger customer base, improved product satisfaction, reduced returns & servicing, increased brand reputation, and improved staff morale.

DCA transport case studies, such as the design of the award winning Hitachi Class 800/801 train, were also used to explain how a philosophy of inclusive design can be seamlessly integrated into the design process. Designing for the smaller market of permanent disabilities enables inclusion for a much wider market of temporary and situational disabled users. This is a very effective way of developing products that make the lives of a much wider group of customers more flexible, efficient and enjoyable.

The event was attended by over 300 employees at Jaguar Land Rover including Engineering, Design, Commercial, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Affairs and Manufacturing. The conference concluded with a panel discussion, in which Lisa Baker, along with some of the other speakers, answered questions from the audience regarding implementation of inclusive design on current and future projects.

If you would like to learn more about DCA’s thoughts on inclusive design, please get in touch.