Inclusive design workshop available at the Design Council in London on the 9th October 2019

DCA to host inclusive design workshop at the Design Council

Published on: 19th June 2019

DCA are running a one-day workshop on inclusive design in collaboration with the CIEHF and the Design Council.

Inclusive design is often confused with simply designing for people with disabilities but it is much more than this: quite simply, it’s about designing for people – regardless of who they are. It’s a philosophy that encourages us to consider how size, shape, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, education levels, income, spoken languages, culture & customs, and even diets shape the way we interact with the world and the products and services that inhabit it. More importantly, it’s about designing products and services in light of this understanding.

The interactive workshop will explore the history and importance of inclusive design, the business case for including it in the design process, along with very practical guidance on how to do it.

The event will take place at the Design Council in London on the 9th October 2019, you can book tickets using the following link: