Sensodyne expert toothbrush top elevation view

DCA helps GSK create new Sensodyne Expert Toothbrush for India

Published on: 4th February 2016

GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched a new Sensodyne® Expert toothbrush designed for people with sensitive teeth in India. The brush, developed in partnership with the GSK Global Design Team, encompasses an intricate pattern unique to the brand which flows through the brush handle, becoming more prominent as a thumb grip at the top of the handle. This detail is also echoed in the tongue cleaner pad at the back of head.

Amit Sebherwal, Design Manager India - GSK Consumer Healthcare says “the design embodies the newly emerging visual brand language (VBL) for Sensodyne® and shows how it can be subtly adapted for the Indian market.” 
James Houghton, Global Design Director for Sensodyne® - GSK Consumer Healthcare says “The new toothbrush design is a great example of the future vision for Sensodyne®. The VBL has been rebalanced through layering, colour and the introduction of a detailed pattern to allow for a more expressive design - specific to the Indian consumer, whilst still communicating the premium nature of the brand.” 

Sensodyne® has been dedicated to helping people relieve the pain of sensitive teeth for over 50 years with its range of science-based products. The Sensodyne® Expert toothbrush has been designed for people with sensitive teeth and provides a tool to deliver and apply the specialist toothpaste. In addition, it introduces its scientifically crafted Cross active bristles which are up to 20x slimmer (vs regular flat trim bristles) to clean hard-to-reach areas and a tongue cleaner for cleaning of the tongue. The handle design has been ergonomically considered to ensure a better grip and better reach.

Archit Sureka, Brand Manager Sensodyne® - GSK Consumer Healthcare says “the Sensodyne Expert toothbrush launch has been a significant driver of the toothbrush strategy for Sensodyne in India. We sold over 600,000 brushes in the launch month which has led to a 3.4% share (share in outlets where it is present)."

Sensodyne Expert toothbrush range standing in a row