Reusable pen injector for concentrated insulin




  • Colour, material and finish
  • Industrial design
  • Insight and strategy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Packaging design
  • Production support
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and evaluation
Developed for people with diabetes in India, TouStar® is the first reusable insulin pen injector intended for delivery of a concentrated basal insulin.

TouStar® is intended for use with Toujeo® insulin cartridges. These contain a concentrated ‘U300’ formula with 50% more insulin than a regular cartridge, making them more convenient and longer lasting.

Until the introduction of TouStar®, concentrated insulins have been offered only in disposable pens. This is because of the risk of a mix up occurring with regular insulin, which could lead to a serious dose error. To address this, TouStar® has been developed with a dedicated replaceable cartridge system. This system prevents users from accidentally attaching incompatible insulin cartridges to the TouStar® pen and stops use of Toujeo® insulin with any other reusable pen. The dedicated cartridge system also simplifies the process of cartridge exchange for the user.

TouStar® has just twenty-one components and shares 70% of these with the award-winning AllStar® pen platform, helping to reduce environmental impacts in development and industrialisation. The AllStar® pen already has a low injection force, but the TouStar® design reduces this further to about 3N, which is less than half that of most currently marketed pens.

Importantly, TouStar® offers a new delivery solution that has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of basal insulin therapy. Toujeo® concentrated insulin reduces waste by decreasing the number of cartridges needed by approximately one third in comparison with a regular strength insulin. And because the TouStar® pen is reusable for up to three years, much less material and energy is consumed in both manufacture and distribution of the product compared with equivalent disposable pens. These environmental benefits have been recognised in two prestigious eco-design award wins. TouStar® received a Green Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum and the PharmaPack Innovation Award for Eco-Design in 2022.

TouStar® is the first reusable pen injector for a concentrated insulin.