GSK launches Sensodyne Daily Care toothbrush in India

Published on: 31st August 2018

The new Sensodyne Daily Care toothbrush is designed specifically for the Indian market, enabling people with sensitive teeth in India access to Sensodyne’s toothbrush range. This means that the brands unique soft sensitivity focussed bristles are now available to a wider range of consumers and provides a tool to deliver and apply Sensodyne’s specialist toothpaste.

A low cost toothbrush with premium brand credentials.

The new Sensodyne Daily Care toothbrush has been designed and engineered in partnership with GSK to be as cost effective as possible with a very lightweight handle, a minimal and constant wall thickness throughout. The impressive 9gms material volume has been carefully distributed to allow for the fastest mould cooling possible. This allows for a very quick manufacturing cycle time, which together with the reduced material, provides a very economical product for the Indian market. This enables the brush to be sold for 30Rps.

The simple, colourful and stylish handle is another example which brings to life the newly emerging visual brand language for Sensodyne. Tuned to suit the Indian market it has been ergonomically designed to ensure an optimum balance and poise in hand. The carefully considered material/weight distribution gives better grip and better reach.

Available in a range of four colours the Sensodyne Daily Care toothbrush has been performing extremely well in a highly cluttered category.