Rocio presenting human-centred design talk at the Bangor Design Conference 2019

Human-centred design talk at the Bangor Design Conference 2019

Published on: 24th June 2019

Rocio Trigo delivered a presentation on human-centred design processes at the 2019 Design Conference at Pontio, Bangor University’s Arts and Innovation Centre in North Wales.

During the presentation, Rocio discussed the role of the design researcher within the design process and the importance of following a robust process as a means to bring relevant actionable insights into the design process.

Case studies were used to explain the different steps of the process, the different techniques researchers use to gather data from consumers; the suitability of such techniques at different stages of the project development, and guidelines to ensure the work with consumers and the analysis of the information afterwards is translated seamlessly into actions for design.

The conference was organised by the Product Design Course at Bangor University.  Aimed to inspire and educate students (GCSE, A level, degree and postgraduate) and professionals within the sector, the conference brought together a great mix of expertise from professionals in different areas of design.

From the realities of designing experiences for FMCG (delivered by Sarah Leech & Becky Hayes Kidd from Unilever) to the importance of low fidelity prototyping during the design process (by Jude Pullen, from Lego), the common denominator was the importance of bringing people to the core of the design process.

On its 5th year, the Design Conference was a great opportunity to bring together industry and academia and to witness the great work students and lecturers for the Design Course are doing to promote design in North Wales.


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