Rolly is a bib that helps remind and securely carry the essentials needed for baby feeding on the go




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Rolly - Compact carrying for feeding on the go

Rolling up to securely carry the essentials needed for baby feeding, the Rolly bib helps parents to navigate messy mealtimes on the go and reduce forgotten items left at home.

Feeding any baby on the go can be chaotic. Parents must tackle fussy little ones, unhygienic public surfaces and thrown food - all whilst searching in the depths of their nappy bag for the bib or spoon that they ultimately learn they forgot to pack.

When parents already have so many things to remember just to leave the house with a baby, Rolly provides a visual guide within the form of the bib for food pots and cutlery, helping overtired parents run through the mealtime checklist. When the bib is rolled around the kit of parts, it forms a compact carry case, making it near impossible to ever forget your bib.

Rolly can adapt with you, saving space by only taking the essentials that you need. Rolly can accommodate up to 6 small pots, or a variety of size combinations with the larger containers. For snack times or short trips out, the bib structure can securely carry fewer food pots by rolling in on itself. Store your bib rolled up or flat to save space in cupboards too.

The bib itself features a semi structured base which supports the pots during transport. When worn, these soft panels lie across the little ones lap or high chair table, providing a clean surface for food to be placed on. The compact carrier keeps the cutlery and bib clean before mealtimes, before rolling back up to keep all the mess on the inner surface post mealtimes.

With messy fun being a key part of a baby learning to feed themselves, Rolly is made from a wipe-able and durable Polyurethane material, which is easy to clean down on the go or at the kitchen sink. Soft contours and rounded forms ensure that all parts of the kit are easy to wash, and avoid food traps. Take up to six 120ml pots on the go for purées, or dried snacks during those fussy phases. A clear frosted plastic makes it easy for parents to see the food at a glance and a simple lip to pull open the lids negates any fiddly components to battle with. The pots are both freezer and dishwasher safe, making it easy to grab homemade pre portioned frozen purees to take on the go, as well as clean up the mess afterwards.

Rolly isn’t just designed for the little one, but for the parents too. A variety of sophisticated and muted colours suit the parents carrying Rolly, and the baby who will be wearing it.

Baby feeding on the go can be chaotic.