Pain Relief Gel Pack




Voltarol 'easy open' cap




  • Packaging Design
  • Design Strategy
  • Inclusive Design
  • Human Factors and Usability
The new ‘easy to open’ cap is a major innovation for Voltarol pain relief gel. Designed to offer best-in-class inclusive packaging for users suffering from joint pain, it is the result of a comprehensive design and development program by GSK, working with DCA and with joint pain sufferers.

Voltarol pain relief gel is often used by those who find screw caps and other kinds of medical packaging difficult and painful to use.

To improve this user experience we designed something that was far more easy and comfortable to use, through the addition of ‘soft touch’ material and by enabling the user to open it one handed either with a finger, the palm or even the edge of a table top.

This highly inclusive design has won a World Star packaging Award 2020, a German Packaging Award 2020, a UK Packaging Award 2020 and a Drum Award 2020.